The International in Switzerland
Le Mans Classic in France
European Summer Seven Festival Tour

June 25 - July 4 2021

Two big gatherings will next place in Europe in 2021 with just 4 days in between. First the "The International" of the Swiss Seven Club, then the following weekend Le Mans Classic. Our frustration at not being able to tour in 2020 because of COVID-19 will be satisfied with many events in 2021 and this 10-day tour across Europe is a good option.

Le Mans Classic 2021 is fully booked. The reservation for "The International" can made soon on the website of the Lotus Seven Owners Switzerland.

Meeting details
"The International" in Switzerland

The first Lotus Seven Owners Switzerland international meeting was in 1981. Until a few years ago, this meeting took place in St. Moritz. In order to show the participants more of the beautiful countryside, the meeting was held in Davos in 2016 and is planned for the first time in Italian Switzerland in 2021. Over the years the meeting has welcomed up to 200 Sevens from all over the world, the longest journey was from a participant from Japan.

St. Moritz 1981
St. Moritz 1989
Davos 2016

St. Moritz 1981

St. Moritz 1989

Davos 2016

Programme 2021

Friday, June 25

Traditional get together party at Kumschick Sports Cars. Drinks, BBQ and CaterHam burgers are served, sometimes a band also plays music. There are beautiful cars from the racing world to marvel at, and you can meet other participants from around the world. We will stay the night in a local hotel.

St. Moritz 2018

St. Moritz 2018

Get Together Party

Saturday, June 26

Seven drive with a road book across the Alps in the south of Switzerland, which has a Mediterranean climate like Italy, but is still framed by beautiful mountains. We spend the evening in a large mountain hotel above Lake Lugano.

Sunday, June 27

After breakfast photo session with all Sevens, including convoy through the area. Completion of the formal part in a typical but special Swiss restaurant of the area in the countryside.

Monday, June 28

There is an option to stay on and see more of the area Ticino. Depending on the follow-up program as part of the Festival Tour, this part lasts until Tuesday.


Full program until Sunday, including hotels, meals and drinks, CHF 399 single, 679 double.

Additional hardcore program until Monday CHF 143 single, CHF 250 double

Le Mans Classic 2021 (postponded from 2020)

The Le Mans Classic is a biennial vintage sports car event held on the grounds of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, create by Peter Auto and Richard Mille, and associated with Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO). It began in 2002 and runs every two years in July on the full 13.65 km circuit also used for the annual modern day 24 Hours of Le Mans. The Le Mans Classic event of 2002 was the first time since 1923 that the full 24-hour Circuit, part of which is public road the rest of the year, was closed specifically for an event other than the annual running of the 24 heures du Mans with contemporary sportcars and prototypes, thus allowing car owners and gentleman drivers to experience what it must have been to race these cars on this circuit. (source: Wikipedia)