Establishment of new 7 Clubs

St.Moritz 1981
Beaulieu 1983
Norfolk 2007
Donington 2017
Why start a club?

Some believe that a Facebook group would do the same. Of course, social media also cover many of the demands for mutual communication, but this usually only applies when the Seven is in the garage. We also know that not all enthusiasts use the Internet with skill, there are even people who do without e-mail. And these are not the Lotus Seven drivers ...

Associations make a very special contribution to society. Some things like using a Race circuit for example, are only possible with a group that ideally has a homogeneous character. The saying "The Seven is too fast for races" is more fun with cars that share the same pedigree and like minded drivers.

Even the famous "The International" meeting in Switzerland could only be made possible with a sponsoring association. That is why the Lotus Seven Owners Switzerland was founded in 1981. One of the first visitors to this meeting was David Mirylees, who was so enthusiastic about it that he founded the Lotus 7 Club in the UK shortly afterwards.

In addition, you get to know people in clubs that you would otherwise never get to know.

Our offer to club founders


The association statutes are the "laws" of an association and must comply with the laws of the respective country. That could sound complicated, but it is not. We help you to draw up the necessary documentation.


Do you need membership fees to finance common things like homepage or merchandising? We can help you to work out a budget with you.


How would you like to communicate with your members? What needs to be considered when it comes to data protection and why WhatsApp alone is not enough. We discuss the sensible channels with you.


Club events are at the heart of every club. And there is a lot to do from the idea to execution including controlling. Our team has decades of experience in organizing small or large events and are happy to support you.




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