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12th - 15th July 2024


                                Portmeirion, 12th - 15th July 2024
We return to Portmeirion on the Welsh coast on the 12th  – 15th July 2024 for what has become our annual homage to the association between the Lotus 7 from the cult TV series The Prisoner and the village.

It was a Series 2 Lotus Seven that was driven by Patrick McGoohan in the opening titles of the television series however in the final episode, “Fall Out”, it was replaced by a series 3 disguised as the original, as it had been sold during the filming. Graham Nearn drove the car to the set for the final episode to be shot and found himself recruited as an extra. He can be seen dusting off the car and posting the keys through McGoohan's letter box, prior to the hero's arrival.

We stay in the village from Friday - Monday ( although we are flexible about how many night you stay)  – the accommodation ranges from the Estuary hotel to houses in the village – the choice is yours. Every room is different and unique in its décor and location. Each evening we enjoy fine dining in a private room either at the hotel or castle.  We can also arrange for you to come earlier or stay later at the same group booking rates

During the day there are plenty of choices of activities in the local area as well as spending time in the village and gardens.

We will also put on a street parade (video clip 2018 below) on the Sunday morning and after the village closes for day visitors you can take your car to be photographed in some of the iconic spots in the village.

in the village

The event’s organiser for the village said of our first visit: "Light, agile and super cool, it was a delight seeing so many of these iconic cars making their way through such a beautiful location.”

The maximum number of people we can take is 60 people and we have 30 rooms allocated to us.

Email Christine for details of rooms and a map of the village. It’s a very popular event with 65% repeat bookings so please don’t delay to reserve your place.   


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