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Circuit historique de Laon

May 26-29 | 2023

Circuit historique de Laon 2023

Meeting groups of fellow severners many of whom are strangers is one of the experiences that’s most valued and doing that across countries makes the experience even more special. The Historique de Laon has become a firm favourite in the calendar for severners from the UK, Holland, France, and Belgium. Next year will be a special year as the event celebrates 75 years of Lotus and 50 years of Caterhams with a weekend of fun. The event committee are working with us to make it a very special weekend.  A full itinerary will be available in the Autumn. So I sit here and reminisce on past events and look forward to next years 33nd anniversary event in 2023

Already we have a number of cars booked.   Scenic and Continental Tours have ticket and hotel/camping packages and members of the International 7 network you get a discount of 50 GBP or Euro equivalent by mentioning the International 7 Network when you book.

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What's included?
  • If required Ferry Crossings

  • 3 Nights Hotel Accommodation in Laon or camping 

  • Buffet Breakfast each Morning (excluding camping)

  • Annual Classic Car Display en-route to Laon

  • Weekend Entry Fee to the 32st  Laon Historique

  • Participation in Saturday Rally including light-lunch

  • Participation in Sunday 'Closed Street Parade'

  • Participation in Monday Morning Rally

  • Commemorative Rally Plate

for more information and an early registration of interest  call Kieran: +44 (0) 732879153

A brief report...

So, a flavour of what to expect from previous events.  Each year there is a 'meet up reception in the local area and en route from the channel portsorganised by Scenic and Continental Tours.  Sevens and Lotus cars from around Europe rendezvous for lunch, and kick some tyres heading to hotels in Laon. 

The following morning, all gather at Parc Foch for breakfast of croissants and coffee for the Saturday rally.  Armed with a rally plate, road book and gifts  the route  meanders on single track lanes through rural villages were you are greeted with a cheery wave from locals, and  through the rolling forested hills, known locally as the ‘lungs of Laon’, to the the lunch time stop, these vary from a local towns places linked with motor racing such as  Chimay  and the old race circuit where the organisers had arranged for Lotus and sevens to take to the circuit after lunch.

On return to Laon expect champagne and a concert of rock music as a background to sharing stories of the day .  

Sunday comes quickly as you will drive up the winding contours of the steep hills leading up to the historic centre of Laon. This hill side city, known by the Gauls as Lugdunum, is set on a large mound in the centre of the wide valley, providing the opportunity for great views and leaving it prominently visible for many miles around. 

After parking and refreshments the cathedral bells are a call  to the briefing in the town hall for the circuit event and more champagne.

The afternoon is fully occupied with all  cars honing around the city, on the circuit that is laid out by enthusiastic marshals urging you to ‘show us what the car can do’ –and the streets are crowded  with on lookers and even a ice cream seller thrusting ice creams at you!  The rules are just keep driving until 1.. you are tired, or 2. you run out of fuel.

Monday morning and the final countryside run starting from the Bowling rink on the edge of the city is an informal event and after the lunch stop many head back to the ports and home

 “this morning I came away from Laon, an ancient cathedral city within a city, an immense cathedral city which should have six towers but has only four, four rather Byzantine towers with ornamental apertures like 16th century spires. Laon is full of beuty , its churches , its houses , its surroundings , everything …… “   Victor Hugo August 1st 1835   


And may of us will be back for next years very special event ...........


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