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"In my world of motorsport I have seen extraordinarily creative systems introduced, as well as incredible work to prevent the fatalities that the sport once endured. I have no doubt that finding a cure for dementia is one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced. But my vision is that by thinking out of the box and finding new ways to achieve success. We will find a solution to allow millions of people to live without dementia."

Sir Jackie Stewart

"Working faster and smarter to cure dementia"

Race Against Dementia raises and allocates funds to accelerate global research and development in the race to find a prevention or treatment for dementia.

Our vision is a breakthrough in the prevention or treatment of dementia with the greatest of urgency.

We do this through our 4 key principles:

  • SPEED. We aim to instil a ‘Formula 1 attitude’ in attention to detail and urgency, to accelerate the pace of solutions development.

  • INNOVATION. We provide catalyst funding, enabling researchers to pursue innovative ideas at the highest level, that might not get funded by the mainstream.

  • NEW TALENT. Identifying and financially backing the most talented early-career researchers

  • GLOBAL. We form strong alliances with research centres of excellence on a global basis.

Race Against Dementia is a global charity, founded by Sir Jackie Stewart, to fund pioneering research into the prevention and cure of dementia

"I know first-hand the devastation that dementia brings to entire families when they realise there is currently no cure."

Sir Jackie Stewart


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