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How to clean your Seven

GP Sevens, UK


Here at GP Sevens we take pride in having the cleanest and best prepared Caterham there are and here are a few of our Top Tips that to keep your Caterham in top condition.


Equipment needed - Jack, Axle Stands, Torque wrench, Bucket, Wheel brush and a PH Neutral alloy wheel cleaner.

Your wheels go through a lot and pick up dirt and brake dust every time that you are out for a Blat, especially the hard to clean inside of the rims, so why not give them a spruce up?

First jack the front of the car up (see your Caterham manual for jacking points) and lower on to axle stands then remove the wheels ready for cleaning. Spray on alloy wheel cleaner and use your brush to get into those hard to reach places, leave for 5 minutes before hosing off or jet washing on low power. Leave the wheels to dry and then use a chamois to completely dry. Repeat for the rear wheels.

GP Sevens Top Tip – Make sure that you torque the wheel nuts up (see Caterham manual for settings)


Equipment needed - Bucket x 2, sponge, shampoo, chamois.

Before washing put the roof on to protect the inside and to give the roof an airing

Hose down or jet wash on low power the car then mix up a bucket of clean water and a bucket of water with shampoo, work your way over the panels from top to bottom using the fresh water bucket to rinse your sponge between panels then hose off and chamois dry

GP Sevens Top Tip - Make sure that any exposed carbon parts are fully dried to avoid fading or the lacquer being damaged.


Equipment needed – Leather balm, microfibre cloth, vacuum cleaner

Remove the carpet mats and vacuum or remove the vinyl mats and wash.

For Caterham leather seats, remove the seat base and vacuum then apply leather balm with a soft microfibre cloth and allow to dry naturally. For cloth seats simply vacuum and for Fibreglass or Carbon seats just wipe clean.

GP Sevens Top Tip – Use a Show shine spray for bucket seats and wipe off with a microfibre cloth.

GP Sevens hope everyone is safe and well and enjoying some fun in the sun in their Seven.



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