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Lighten up your Christmas

by Pete Crowther

A few years ago, I was looking at the aftermath/debris of Christmas, and noticed part used candles in the hearth. "Waste not want not" is a good mantra, so what could be done with them, other than disposal?

There are some aromas that immediately transport you to another place/time. The smell of Castrol R, from a race engine's exhaust, is certainly one such for me. A plan was emerging.

Purity was essential, so any candles with cinnamon or other "Christmassy" scents were eliminated from the project. An old mug was enlisted as a mould and a proper candle wick bought (don't use any string). This was centred in the mug's base with a drilled tin lid and held vertical at the top by rolling it around a pencil. With the old candle wax melted down, a teaspoon of Castrol R was added , mixed and poured into the mould. Looking good.

Duly lit, it took a while for the full effect to emerge. When it did, the room assumed the atmosphere of a motorcycle race paddock full of two strokes. Wunderbar!. The Mem Sahib, however, seemed less impressed. Perhaps it was the aroma slowly permeating into the furniture?

I've since discovered that the same effect can, more easily, be achieved by adding Castrol R to the refined paraffin oil used in table lights. Just imagine how impressed your dinner guests will be at your ingenuity!

So there you are, just imagine how impressed your dinner guests will be at your ingenuity! Go on, make this Christmas one you will never forget.



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