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Member intro: Super Seven Club Netherland

by Edward Westenberg

The Super Seven Club Netherlands (SSCN) is a club of about 200 enthusiastic owners of a Lotus (Super) Seven, Caterham or Seven(-ish) derivative. The club was founded in 1984, so in three years we will see our 8th lustrum.

The SSCN is an active club with a variety of activities throughout the year. We will typically get together for around 15 or more meetings (most of which are tours) in the season. After our annual meeting in January traditionally the first stop will be our ‘greasy hands days’ at various locations across the country.

Good fun getting the cars ready for a new season together with friends and handy mechanics!

Throughout the year we meet locally at friendly garages for what we call “Sevens & Coffee”. Every once in a while, at our Sevens & Coffee you will find members of ‘rivalling’ clubs such as the Kit Car Club, the Lotus Club Holland or the Donkervoort Touring Club. After all we share the same passion!

Seven types in the SSCN

This illustration shows the distribution of the different types of Sevens at our club

The last couple of years the number of Donkervoorts has been on the rise. In part this is probably due to the strict regulations around homebuilt cars in the Netherlands, or it could be that the number of Donkervoorts in circulation continues to increase…

Each year several of our members make themselves and their cars available for charity drives such as the ‘Cheer Up Days’ (Opkikkerdag). What better way than to use your Seven to put a smile on a kid’s face!

Although the level of track activities has slowed down a bit, some members will always find an opportunity to race their Seven either on a circuit or a hill climb (yes, there are one or two hills in the NL’s (even more in Belgium!)). About once a year around 30 cars will travel abroad for a week or so to explore even bigger hills and more winding roads.

Reports of our meetings and adventures as well as interesting articles and tidbits about Sevens can be found in our unsurpassed club magazine ‘Superb’ as well as our recently completely updated website. Although we have an English ‘landing page’, one of the action items remaining is to make our site available in English now we are part of the International Seven Network.

We look forward to the opportunity to getting to know many of you better through the International Network. So, whenever you plan a trip to the Netherlands with your Seven, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to meet you, show you the by-roads, do a short blat or just have a drink!



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