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My Route App insides

by Michael van Hagen

The International Seven Network has its own Myroute channel for members of clubs and groups affiliated to the network as we reported in the newsletter in August 2021 . Here one of the founders, Michel van Hagan tells us more.

It all started in 2006, when Jan Boersma wanted to combine his hobby’s, motor biking and programming. He created Tyre route software, this was further developed and without any advertising grew to be one of the most widely known programs for creating GPS-routes,. More than 500.000 people in the world started to use it. What started as a hobby quickly escalated, and Jan Boersma and Michel van Hagen started TyreToTravel in 2012 to be able to manage the business well. That worked out so well, as since 2013 Tyre is an official partner of TomRom Rider with regards to the route software. Now was the time for more professionalization and expanding the possibilities. Jan Boersma and Michel van Hagen do this together with a very motivated team through MyRoute-app, the first all-in-one route-tool with a social coating. So that we can all enjoy even more perfectly planned routes.

TomTom Rider 550

MyRoute app, although long popular with among motorcyclists, is increasingly proving a success with car users, especially those where reading a physical road map is a challenge for example in an open top car travelling at pace. So, it’s not surprising that groups such as the Royal Dutch Motorcyclists Association, the Institute for Advanced Motorists and countless other organizations are using use the services of MyRoute-app. But why? The great thing about MyRoute-app is that it is designed by and for the motoring enthusiast. The adaptability to the users preferences is unique for example, you can use the MyRoute app's own navigation app, but you can also use a fixed TomTom, Garmin or built-in navigation to follow your routes and share with others. Perhaps that is its formula for success. Unlike many other handy route tools, MyRoute-app is suitable for everyone. Whether you drive a Lotus, a Seven, a Camper van or a Harley. Exchanging routes via the groups and events in MyRoute-app itself is very easy and there is the interation with Facebook as well. You do not need an account to download a route, and even with an account, you can basically continue to use the programme for free as an MRA Routeplanner BASIC member. That will suffice for the majority of people.

The fact that MyRoute-app welcomes all levels for membership is also apparent from the plans for the future and the most recent additions. For example, free members can now also take tours, insert breaks on their routes and participate in groups and events. The company behind MyRoute-app communicates all these plans via Facebook, their forum and on the interactive online development roadmap, the RoadMap. If you want more, that is also possible in the form of a subscription. For example, the Navigation app costs €19 per year and the GOLD subscription to MRA Routeplanner costs €39 per year. But, then you do have the best of the best. For example, with the GOLD Route Planner you can overlay the TomTom and Garmin route maps so that there are no more deviations in your route and the Navigation app has flash notifications and premium offline map material.

For support questions please use our Support page on the website. Your question gets to the right people and you will be helped quickly.



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