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Published in Superb – Netherlands Club Magazine in June 2020

Anyone who turns 70 deserves a gift. That is why the founder Joop Donkervoort has been given a gift - a car. Not just any car, but a supercar limited edition of only seventy. Joop's birthday car ,the D8 GTO-JD70, is the most powerful car Donkervoort has ever built, a celebration of all the knowledge they have gained in a car that weighs less than 700 kilograms and developed as a tribute to the company’s founder.

The 2.5 liter five-cylinder turbo engine now delivers 415 hp. With the addition of new EX-CORE technology which creates possibilities to personalize the car.

Over now to Denis Donkervoort, Managing Director of Donkervoort Automobiles to explain more.

“The JD70 weighs less than 700 kilograms and is powered by a further optimized

endurance race version of the astonishingly strong 2.5 liter five-cylinder turbo engine from Audi Sport. The car is not exclusive to the track, however has been developed with both the open road and the circuit in mind. This latest version of the Donkervoort D8 GTO series breaks the 2G barrier making turns just as spectacular as its acceleration.

For the first time in history, a Donkervoort is available with power steering. The lightweight electrical system is completely adjustable, making driving less strenuous is yet the traditional steering feel of a Donkervoort is preserved.

The JD70 breaks the normal standards of braking and acceleration using G forces. Yet this still is a pure driver's car, incomparable with all other cars on the market. The JD70 is the result of our collective knowledge and everything we've learned in the past, on the road, on the circuit, from track days and conversations with customers and from Joop’s own ideas about what a supercar should bring.

Donkervoort has worked hard to create a supercar that stimulates all senses and to create a pure, unfiltered driving experience, a machine with which you can empathize.


The low weight, the powerful engines and innovative suspension systems always have ensured that Donkervoorts are both fast in curves and are on straights. However, never have they been as fast as they are now.

The JD70 is the world's first 2G production car, a supercar that subjects your neck muscles to impressive forces. With that the JD70 is a revolution in the automotive industry.To achieve this we had to further develop the best shock absorbers in the industry, use the advanced Nankang AR-1 tires and to develop lightweight electronic power steering.


The two exciting ways to spend eight seconds: an Apollo launch to space or holding pedal of the JD70 until you reach 200 kilometers per hour. In eight seconds, the Apollo will have traveled 83 meters (although that's vertical), while the JD70 in the meantime has reached 200 kilometers per hour. The speed of the Donkervoort will have exceeded 200 kilometers per hour, because it only takes 7.7 seconds to reach 200 (and 2.7 seconds to get to 100).

However, that is not the only feature. The five-cylinder turbo engine is also cleaner, with a CO₂ emission of only 191 g/km. Moreover, it has become stronger at low revs. That meant we could not only bring back the side pipes, but also give the JD70 a longer final drive. As a result, the top speed is higher and driving on the highway more comfortable, without scarifying any sprint power.


You're not the only carbon-based life form when you drive a JD70. More than 95 percent of the body shell is made of carbon fibre, and we can leave that visible for a customer.

The JD70 contains a lot of our patented EXCORE carbon fibre technology which makes the car both amazingly light as well as incredibly strong. We have also equipped the JD70 with new carbon fibre seats. From those seats you have a view of it quick-release steering wheel and light dashboard with its racing genes.


We had a surprising amount of fun working on the fairing of the JD70. Mounting side pipes, allowed us to mount a second one diffuser, which adds 80 kg of downforce. This was a nice surprise as it meant we did not need to use a colossal rear spoiler.

The extra downforce gives the JD70 one unparalleled high-speed stability. However, it didn't end there, we also use the wind tunnel to reshape the front of the car. The new louvres in the cycle wings add 50 kg extra downforce to the front of the car. And by the way, we believe it is the first time these louvres are carbon. The louvres allow the air between the tyre and the cycle wings to escape and therefore eliminate lift.


The 2.5 litre five-cylinder turbo engine won best in class nine times in the International Engine of the Year. In the JD70 it delivers more power and torque than ever before. 415 hp is a lot of power, however the torque is what is most impressive. From 1750 to 6350 rpm it delivers its maximum torque.

This allowed us to have a longer final drive without compromising the tiniest bit on the sprint. The smoothness of the engine allowed us to the keep gear ratios unchanged, however use a longer final drive. This makes for more relaxed long-distance driving but also for lower fuel consumption. Or if you are interested less shifting on the circuit. Not that changing gears is that complicated; we use a full-throttle upshift system and Bosch developed electronic rev-matching which helps downshifting. Just try to refrain from smiling when you use it.


We do not use the word ‘hybrid’ in our motorcycle department, however our chassis department does. The backbone of the JD70 is hybrid, with a careful mix of steel pipes, carbon fiber and aluminum. The suspension is mounted on the chassis and we revise and adapt the internal parts of the adjustable Intrax shock absorbers. One of the major changes are the Nankang AR-1 tires, which have a longer life while offering more grip.

Those who enjoy testing the limits of grip will be pleased with the adjustable traction control allowing you to enjoy your JD70 in all weather conditions.

Speaking of safety: new Tarox brakes with no less than six pistons will easily last a day on track while their daily use remains unchanged. For those who drive on the track often, Bosch Race ABS can be added.


If you are looking for an unbreakable bond with the JD70, it is better you feel comfortable in it. That is why we completely new carbon fiber seats, but also a new multifunction quick-release steering wheel as well as a light instrument cluster with obvious racing genes.

There are options available to spec the JD70 to your liking. For the first time ever on a Donkervoort – electronic power steering and a digital display with Wifi data logging and a lap time meter are available.

You can make the JD70 all yours through countless personalization options, such as four- and six-point seat belts, a wind package that reduces turbulence, a carbon fiber transmission tunnel, or a reverse camera.


One of the nicest parts of owning a Donkervoort is knowing that no two are identical. You can choose to buy your Donkervoort make it more comfortable for use on the street, however you can also opt for a setup that allows you attack any circuit - or everything in between.

You can have your Donkervoort painted in any color, choose to show the bare carbon or both. You can even apply colored polish to naked carbon parts.

You can make your JD70 as hardcore as you like, with a stainless steel exhaust and a cooler for it a limited slip differential. There is an optional Bilster Berg roll cage available, which will make it hard not to opt for the Bosch Race ABS or the larger rear calipers. Carbon fiber wheels are real show stoppers, whether driving on the track or on the road. Moreover they weigh less. There is also an Interior Package available, but don't expect cup holders in a Donkervoort. Even a lightweight air conditioning is available, but we are most proud of the electronic power steering. The system is light, it is adjustable and above all available for the first time on a Donkervoort.


Most of the body of the JD70 is made of carbon fibre, where possible our own lightweight EX-CORE carbon fiber technology has been applied. EX-CORE makes the JD70 both amazingly light and incredibly strong. The technology is so successful, EX-CORE has grown into an independent business unit of Donkervoort, with customers far beyond the car industry.

In the JD70 it has been used for the one-piece doors for example, as it is extremely suitable for complex shapes that must be very strong. Also, the new seats are made of carbon fiber.

From those seats you have a view of a new quick release multifunction steering wheel making buttons and switches in the carbon dashboard redundant and thus saving weight. Our obsession with weight even shows at the battery: the new lithium-ion battery saves seven kilograms.


Joop Donkervoort gave us a car brand and gave customers a ‘second family’ to have fun with. In return, we have given him the JD70, as a technological celebration of his birthday. That is why we only build seventy JD70 - one for every birthday from Joop (thus far).”



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