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Rob Oldland – Agreements and Partnerships

Sponsorship For 2021

If you have followed my journey you will know that I race on a limited budget and with the support of sponsorship. First, I am proud to announce my main sponsor for 2021, Just Add Lightness. Just Add Lightness provide a range of LED lighting products for Caterhams, safety products, merchandise and also car to car radio equipment. I have known Doug from Just Add Lightness for several years, he tracked me down at Brands Hatch after he spotted my car in a line up Caterhams and noticed my car had every Just Add Lightness upgrade available. We got talking where I shared the story of how my first Caterham was written off at just 4 months old, as it could not be seen from behind whilst touring in France. This was the reason I wanted to make my replacement Caterham as visible as possible whether during the day or at night. From this meeting we have remained in contact and now I’m thrilled that Just Add Lightness are sponsoring my race car, neither of us would have thought that when we first spoke!

Caterham Graduates Racing Club

This year I am going to be racing with the Caterham Graduates Racing Club in their Sigma 135 Class, which is equivalent to Caterham Motorsport’s 270R rung of the ladder. CGRC or the Graduates as they are often known, were established in 1998, so they have been around for over 20 years, racing a whole variety of Caterham models during this time. The Club is entirely run by volunteers for the members and prides itself on its core values of Fun, Inclusivity, Respect, Safety and Cost Effectiveness. Drivers range in age from teenagers to one member in his late 70s and racing experience from new “graduates” from the Academy like me, to those with 40+ years of racing behind them. So there is going to be some tough competition! My second piece of news is that this year CGRC have kindly agreed to work with me during the season and give me the “inside scoop” on varying aspects, so some exciting content to come!

2021 Race Car Design

I know the design of my car has been eagerly anticipated, thank you to everyone who has contacted me with suggestions for the colour and the design. One of the most common themes was - ‘I really liked your 2020 design as it could be spotted out on track easily’. I’m pleased to say that while the 2021 car is completely different, it represents Just Add Lightness and the Caterham Graduates Racing Club, but remains striking and distinctive - I don’t think you will miss it. First you will notice the car has gone through a big transformation. The windscreen, sidescreens, headlights, rear lights, number plates and passenger seat have all been removed. I still have a few upgrades to complete including the Yokohama track tyres and half doors. Black was eventually chosen as the base colour. This was a great choice to reflect the branding of Just Add Lightness and the Caterham Graduates Racing Club. Also, I was keen to move away from last year’s choice of matt white which proved very difficult to keep clean! Then, I have taken the classic Caterham look of the side and centre stripes and added the Just Add Lightness twist. The stripes are made to reflect the Just Add Lightness logo and certainly make the car striking and distinctive! The stripes are thoughtfully sized and positioned to work perfectly with the CGRC series sponsors.

Race Number

Each year at the end of season awards ceremony, the Caterham Graduates Racing Club present the Martin Kay award to a driver who has demonstrated a real passion for racing and embraced what the Club is all about. In addition to a trophy, this person also gets a rather special privilege, to race under the number 7 the following year. My fourth piece of news is that as this award was not given in 2020, this year I’m so proud to announce that for the 2021 season the Club has agreed that I can be the guardian of the race number 7! I’m sure you will agree that this is a huge honour, I will make sure I demonstrate some real passion in my racing and look forward to sharing an exciting schedule of VLogs planned throughout the season.

Charity Announcement

Previously I have shared that this year I’m proud to be supporting the Sporting Bears. Again, I look forward to bringing you much more information about the Sporting Bears and everything their members do to raise money for children’s charities. However, I do have another big reveal. As part of their Inclusive and Respect values the Caterham Graduates Racing Club support a number of charities each year. The aim is for one charity to be selected by the board, one by the drivers and the third will always be the marshals. Continuing from last year, Purple 4 Polio will be the charity chosen by the board, as mentioned the marshals of course will be supported, but I’m thrilled to say that as a driver I have managed to convince them to support the Sporting Bears this year! This is incredible, not only will my car be adorned with the Sporting Bears logo, but so will every one of the 100 plus Caterham Graduate’s race cars. Additionally, during the year Caterham Graduates Racing Club will dedicate one of our race meetings specifically to support the Sporting Bears to help raise money for such a great cause.

So I’m sure you will agree that this is certainly exciting news. I have so much planned for 2021 and I’m really looking forward to sharing with you all of the action and news from both on and off track. Please do take a look at my YouTube channel, I’m working hard to reach 1,000 subscribers. If you have already subscribed, thank you. If not, please do. It will be most appreciated and will really help to support me. I look forward to bringing you updates throughout the season and will hopefully get to meet you during the season at events or at the track. Stay safe, Rob.



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